St. Michaels Chapter House Addition & Renovation

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buffalo design is in the preliminary stages of a chapter addition and building renovation of the existing St. Michaels Chapter House in St. Michaels, Arizona. The new addition is currently around 5,400 square feet and will be integrated with the existing chapter facility (3,385 sq. ft.) to incorporate outdoor entry courtyards and a central east entry. Exterior patios have been positioned to be an extension of the main meeting hall for large gathering functions to flow from the interior to the exterior. An overall master plan of the site is needed to formally introduce the existing neighboring structures to developed formal entry ways, paved roadways, landscaping and earthwork improvements to keep the surrounding slopes from further erosion. St. Michael’s Chapter House Addition/Renovation is designed for the community utilizing Navajo design principles. The shade structures toward the main entries are inspired by the Navajo traditional shade structures, the “chaha’oh”. The Outdoor fireplace and courtyard are a tribute to the Hero Twins and to honor the Navajo veterans.

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