Pueblo of Laguna Sports Fields


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Adult baseball field and softball field will produce the most dangerous foul balls. The distance between the fields has been designed to minimize the danger to spectators who are on another field and less likely to protect themselves from unseen foul balls. This danger is also minimized with shade structures located over the seating areas. The large field is located furthest from the parking area to help mediate any damage to vehicles. Left hand hitters from the softball field will put some foul balls into the parking lot but the percentage of “leftie” hitters as compared to “righty” hitters is much less overall. T-ball will not produce foul ball danger. The current layout keeps the main road clear of foul ball danger. The parking spaces located nearest the baseball complex are oriented specifically to direct the windshields of cars towards the ball fields. Windshields are generally less expensive to fix than rear windows due to the defrost mechanisms. Foul ball buffer areas between fields can be utilized for warm-up areas with less risk to spectators.

Batting cages and bullpens are attached to the large field for convenience; however, they are centrally located for use by all fields and all athletes.

Project Team


Lone Mountain Contracting, Inc.