Laguna Dept. of Education Early Childhood Development Center

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buffalo design is currently involved in the planning and design for a new Early Childhood Center for the Laguna Department of Education (LDOE) Division of Early Childhood (DEC) in conjunction with the Cooperative Educational Services (CES) clearinghouse of which buffalo design is a registered vendor.

This project has been taken through Schematic Design. Completed May 2022.

Due to the complex nature of the project the work has been divided into 2 parts:

Phase 1: DEC Facility Evaluation and Planning

This facility provides for the education of pre-school students within the Pueblo of Laguna. With an emphasis on cultural sensitivity and collaboration with the educators, this project stands with a recommendation of programming and schematic design, which came after along and extensive evaluation of the current facilities and study of multiple sites. The program consists of (14) classrooms with full food service, cafeteria/multi-purpose room, and administrative offices. Centered around a large plaza which can be utilized for school or community events, this new facility will strive for LEED Gold or LEED Platinum certification. The facility and site have been designed for student safety and security necessary for today’s challenges. Providing cutting edge security functionality using passive techniques helps foster an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for students and staff, without the feeling of residing within a maximum-security facility.

Phase 2: DEC Early Childhood Center Programming and Schematic Design

The current campus is composed of several modular units and independent building for Preschool children. The program has recently been expanded include Early Head Start children (infants and toddlers). To accommodate the additional children the DEC has added several more modular units. The expanded program has also required modification to the existing kitchen, classrooms, playground, and other areas. The LDOE and DEC are now at a point that they recognize the need for a permanent facility that can accommodate their immediate needs to meet the goals and objectives for the program.


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