Isleta Resort & Casino

Square Footage

Completion date

Construction Cost


Project Details


  • Renovated Porte Cochere and exterior upgrades.
  • Redesign and expanded Main Entry and Players Club.
  • A 30,000 S.F. addition that will include a 400 seat Bingo Hall, a 300 seat Triple Seven Saloon, Poker room, food service and support facilities.
  • Renovation of the existing Bingo Hall into 2,500 seat Showroom with theater style seating, new finishes, all new sound and lighting, improved acoustics, and beverage service.
  • Casino renovation will include the redesign casino floor aesthetics with an aim toward a lighter and brighter look with clean lines, a new High Limit room and new Non-Smoking slots room.
  • Development of new F & B venues including a new Bar & Grill, a Food Court with stations for 3 vendors and 150 seats located adjacent to the casino floor, renovation of the existing Embers restaurant and upgrades to other existing food outlets.
  • Spa upgrades including new finishes in the men’s and women’s spa rooms, front desk and waiting rooms with new design, materials, and colors. Upgrade the finishes in the corridor leading to Spa with new design, video monitors and music.
  • Hotel Lobby renovation including the replacement of the existing carpet with Tribal colors flooring and redesign of front desk area.
  • Parking lot lighting improvements.
  • Construct a new Central Plant and replace the existing HVAC Systems.
  • Re-roof of the existing casino.

Square Footage

Completion date

Construction Cost


Project Details

Access to the temporary one-year exhibit from the Hotel Lobby will be through the corridor to the Banquet rooms and Gallery hall. New full lite door with side-lite in wall to courtyard at end of hall. Existing concrete sidewalk will be screened off from the wedding courtyard with a fence. Directional signage will be needed along the path to provide information. Preliminary Construction budget: $80,000.00 


Single entry and exit door on north side. (Recess so swing does not interfere with sidewalk traffic.) Two doors total required for egress. Widen emergency egress exit door at back (south side) to 4’-0” x 8’-0” to accommodate crates. Could exhibit be uncrated outside so existing 3’x7’ door can remain and save costs?

New 8’ high partition walls to be constructed at entry and in History area for displays. Remove existing impact panels in gymnasium. Repurpose for acoustical treatment?

Window blinds – for control of daylight (remove existing cages in gym)

Picture rails – for hanging display boards on gypsum board walls

Cables – from bottom of existing soffit to floor for support of display boards

Flooring – carpet, luxury vinyl tile (existing floor is bare concrete and gym floor in History area)

Owner (Harold) has expressed a preference for concrete floors. Stain or clear seal?

Could existing sport floor and carpeting remain? Infill existing concrete floor with left over carpet?

Ceiling – exposed fireproofed metal decking, acoustical clouds used as wayfinding at various heights. We might need to add additional clouds for better sound proofing.

Walls – painted gypsum board, typical ceramic tile wainscot in restrooms. New ceramic tile on plumbing wall only.

Existing fixtures are high-bay and will remain as general lighting.

New fixtures will be suspended track lights specific for the displays.(label as alternate)

Ceiling height varies from 18’-6” to 19’-6” from west to east.

Define needs  –existing wall at medical clinic has no convenience outlets

Some displays have electrical – that will be determined at a later date (which pieces).

The moon cloud display will need electrical, so assume floor boxes in each unit.

Define needs – Data, Wi-fi, Security, etc.

We are considering a sound system/PA that can be locally controlled via I-pad w/auxiliary hook up to have background music

Remove two water closets from Boys and one water closet from Girls restrooms. Add urinal in Men’s restroom. Add wall-hung lavatory at Men’s and Women’s restrooms. Hose bibb? Add at former middle toilet in Girl’s room. Existing floor drain in restrooms. Mop sink? Not necessary.


Color – white material-vinyl or wood support posts-tube steel to mimic the existing shade structure supports percentage of openness-opaque at edges of sidewalk, 50% at two ends gate (gate must swing in direction of egress from Stair exit)

Consider having no gates at ends to eliminate egress complications.

Intersperse existing shrubbery with climbing rose bushes, on metal trellises. Keep existing shrubbery and flowers.

To remain as is. Size–60’-0” x 38’-6”

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