Our Culture

buffalo design Principals Larry Anderson, AIA and John Tansey, Architect (Choctaw Tribal Member) along with our team make a demonstrated effort and provide a leadership role in cultural design concepts, circulation and functions of each space, and the overall aesthetic of each individual project.  With the Owner’s instrumental involvement and support and our knowledge of a wide variety of facilities and with respect to your traditional culture we integrate their beliefs and aspirations into their program needs. 

We along with our expert consultants will develop our programming and designs in consultation with the Client in a way that reinforces their traditional philosophy in order to facilitate their exciting and very important projects. 

Cultural Awareness & Design

Native American culture, tribal beliefs, traditions, learning, healing and many other rituals may vary from tribe to tribe but they also share a common belief in natural harmony of the mind, body and spirit.  These beliefs play an important part in the role of the community.  How each tribe shares their culture is unique to each individual tribe.  While some tribes want to see their culture incorporated into their facilities other tribes may want to keep their culture separate from their public facilities.

isleta assisted living facility decor

Connection & Communication

Communication is the key to a successful project. Design starts with a statement of purpose and a clear definition of the goals of the client. It is at this point that as designers, we actively listen to your needs and understand our Client’s concerns and wishes. We need to facilitate the process and ask the right questions but ultimately we need to LISTEN. This is the Owner’s project and we will present you with solutions that give them a true sense of ownership. We will include those elements of tribal culture, history and tradition to the extent that they want to share these elements. Together we accomplish this through a series of workshops with the vocabulary of written, sketches, plans, elevations and 3 dimensional studies. This can be a very exciting and rewarding process when everyone is committed to the common goals and success of the client and the project.

Male fist wearing 3 turquoise rings
Native American female wrapped in a Pendleton Blanket

Art & Inspiration

Paintings by Laura Pope

Watercolors by T. Cassidy