Camel Rock Casino Bar Addition & Renovations

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The Camel Rock Casino Bar Addition and Renovations project was completed in 2016. Upon entering the Casino you see the Player’s Club adjacent to the Cashier’s Area. this is the heart of the Casino and where patrons are welcomed. it includes a slim, curved soffit, a sculptured wall with monitors and a receptionist’s desk with a sleek, white phenolic countertop. Color was introduced to the overall theme and is accented by specialty lighting and an LED color changing wall wash with pendant lights over each station. the Bar and Patio addition, as well as the Restroom renovations used similar finishes. other features included custom routed front bar facades and custom designed acrylic colored sphere light fixtures. 

The Bar includes a multi-functional stage as well as an all-season patio, with contemporary finishes. All of this combines to create a contemporary, warm and inviting theme.

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