Our Process

Buffalo Design is a full-service design firm with proven experience in architecture and planning. We assist with initial planning & research for proposed projects including:

  • Master Planning
  • Code Compliance Reviews
  • Architectural Design & 3D Renderings
  • Interior Space Planning
  • Facility Assessments
  • Site Evaluations 
  • New Project
buffalo design has experience working with multi-tiered institutional facility management agencies and tribal entities. This allows us to better understand client structures, make sure open lines of communication exist throughout the process and keep flexibility in their approach to evolving goals or methods. 
We always work towards satisfying clients by maintaining an adaptable style that can change as needed to better suit their needs. 
The following list takes you through the individual steps we take from the start to finish.

Phase 1

Programming & Concept Design

This phase includes the research & decision-making process defining the scope of work, while visualizing the big picture or macro design.

Phase 2

Schematic Design

In this phase, the three-dimensional visualization of the project is presented and reviewed.

Phase 3

Design Development

The schematic plans & elevations are revised, expanded, and reviewed. It incorporates all specifications & details required for construction.

Phase 4

Construction Documents

This phase produces the paperwork that defines the work to be done/shared amongst contractors & architects for a specific project. 

Phase 5

Bidding & Contract Awards

Request of proposal (RFP) or invitation for bid (ITB) is initiated and judged on price, capability, capacity and past performance for acquiring the award. 

Phase 6

Construction Administration Services

The oversight & execution phase of a construction contract during the preconstruction & construction of a project.

Phase 7

Post Construction

This phase includes the time spanning from when physical construction ends until project turnover to the owner takes place. 

Project Phases

#1 Programing & Concept Design

#2 Schematic Design

#3 Design Development

#4 Construction Documents

#5 Bidding & Contract Award

#6 Construction Administration Services

#7 Post Construction